Wedding Party Responsibilities: Who Does What?

When it comes to planning a wedding, time is very valuable because planning one of the biggest events of your life can be very stressful. Luckily, your trusty wedding party will be by your side to keep you sane and on track. Think of your wedding as a movie that you are attempting to make possible with the help of your actors- your wedding party. You and your groom are the producers who are essentially responsible for all of the behind-the scenes materials while your actors, the wedding party, is responsible for putting your plans into action.

Everyone has a part and is expected to meet the following expectations:

Bride and Groom:

-Set the date

-Agree on a budget for the big day

-Decide on theme, color scheme, and formality of the wedding

-Select the ceremony venue and officiant

-Select the reception venue, decor, and florist

-Select the wedding party, maid-of-honor and best man

-Purchase the rings that will be used

-Negotiate the guest list

-Register for a wedding registry

-Select wedding dress, tuxedo, shoes, and other accessories

-Select the caterer and food and beverage choices that will be served

-Select wedding cake, groom’s cake and their flavors

-Decide on wedding favors

-Purchase gifts for the wedding party and each other

-Decide on a Dj, band, or other entertainment

-Choose your music for ceremony and reception

-Choose your photographer and videographer

-Transportation (limo, carriage, etc.) to and from wedding

-Dance lessons

-Name change documents

-Apply for marriage licence

-Plan the honeymoon and take care of any necessary arrangements

-Make sure alterations are made to clothing if necessary

-Purchase and send our save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and thank You cards

-Purchase wedding programs

-Plan the rehearsal dinner

-Most important – Have an amazing time at your wedding!

Maid of Honor:

-Serves as the bride’s personal assistant throughout the journey leading to the day of the wedding

-Assists the bride in selecting a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories

-Plans and hosts the bridal shower

-Keep tracks of the gifts at the bridal shower

-Plans and hosts the bachelorette party

-Helps address and send the wedding invitations

-Purchases a wedding gift

-Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

-Assists the bride in getting dressed the day of the wedding

-Holds the bride’s bouquet during the wedding ceremony

-Carries the groom’s ring

-Has the first dance with the best man

-Give a speech and a toast

-Assist in cleaning after the reception if needed

Best Man:

-Acts as a personal assistant throughout the entire process

-Helps the groom in selecting his attire for the wedding

-Plans and hosts the bachelor party

-Attends any pre-wedding events

-Assists groom and other groomsmen in getting dress on the actual day

-Carries the bride’s wedding ring

-Gives the wedding officiant and vendors their payment envelope

-Has the first dance with the maid-of-honor

-Responsible for the first toast to the groom and his bride at the reception

-Assists with cleaning the place of reception as well as any good-byes

-Return the grooms tuxedo after the wedding


-Get together, respectively, to decide on what to wear.

-Purchase/pay necessary attire for the wedding

-Escort each other at the ceremony

-Guide guests to their seats

-Serve as hosts/hostesses throughout the wedding day if needed

-Help at the end of the reception with any cleaning that may be necessary

-Help the bride-to-be, groom-to-be, maid-of-honor and best man as required

-Return rented tuxedos after the wedding

As you have taken note, a wedding party is necessary to help your dream wedding come true. We suggest that you and your entourage get together to discuss plans. This will help eliminate any confusion and future disputes among each other. Also, one more thing, don’t forget to purchase your bridesmaids and groomsmen a thank you gift for all their hard work. Happy planning!

Wedding Day Planning – Organizing Your Wedding Is Simple With Your Wedding Party’s Help

You’re getting married soon and the wedding day is coming faster than you ever imagined. In not time you’ll be walking down the wedding aisle and shortly thereafter partying at your wedding reception. Wait! You have wedding favors to buy and flowers to order…not to mention finalizing the wedding reception menu! Get your wedding party to help, young lady, and give yourself a break in the days ahead of the most important day of your life – your wedding day.

The Role of Your Wedding Party

Usually, asking friends and family to part of your wedding party is flattering. Yes, they feel loved and wanted and in most cases very eager to help in the planning and organization process. Take advantage of that and let them shoulder some of the burden. Yes, that’s what bridal friends are for, right?

Here’s some things you can “outsource” to your bridal party and remember, don’t be shy about asking!

Wedding Favors – get your maid of honour to check on the latest wedding favors and bomboniere ideas online. It’s a fast and simple way to get thousands of ideas. They should easily put together a short list of wedding favors that match your wedding theme, colors, or your preferences. Picking from just a few great favors will save you time over scouring wedding favor boutiques which are usually only found in large cities.
Wedding Transportation – Get one of the groomsmen or best man, preferably who “gets” logistics or has limo connections to investigate wedding transportation options within your budget. Provide your wedding ceremony and reception times and let them run with it.
Wedding Flowers – this is definitely a girl thing (most often). Again, based on your wedding theme pick flora that represents you and the feel you are trying to achieve. If you’re really detailed, you’ll even match these to your wedding favor colors!
Reception Menu – Will it be veal, duck, or seafood – or some combination of each? Assuming you’ve selected a reception hall, work with their caterer or get your own. Definitely trust this to your top wedding party guns…and be involved in this one. Stay true to your budget and don’t be pressured to overspend as your guests will love and remember the party and not the food.
Wedding Reception Decorations – Again, this usually is something your maid of honour should be trusted with. She knows you best and will understand the feel you’re trying to create. Wedding decoration ideas are absolutely endless. Get the decorations that express who you are as a couple – which often can also lend itself to the season in which you are getting married.

So whether you charge your bridesmaids to pick out your wedding favors or a groomsman to co-ordinate transportation – or all of the above – planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a full-time job for you! The best weddings are those in which all those in the wedding party have lent a hand, after all.

Christine is a wedding industry professional and part of the expert team of editors dedicated to providing brides great wedding ideas. Christine writes on all things wedding favors and party favors. Christine’s goal is to provide wedding idea inspiration to brides and wedding planners alike.

Just How Many Wedding Parties Are There?

Two people in love who decide to get married can start a series of activities that involve a lot of their friends, family, relatives, and yes the wedding organizer to regulate a series of before and after parties for the wedding celebration. The series of preparations would require the wedding organizer to orchestrate just the right resources for the dream wedding of the couple.

But before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, most people would not think about the other events tied into having a wedding. You might receive a wedding invitation along with the other invites from the family of the groom and bride. You are not exclusively invited for the wedding ceremony or reception only – you will become witness to pre and post parties celebrated around a wedding. So you might want to ask, just how many wedding parties are there?

First party prior to a wedding would be the engagement party. At this point, both the family of the bride and groom to be would want to host a large gathering of friends and relatives to introduce their entering new member of the family. This could be hosted by either of the couple’s parents in the hope of meeting and greeting the other clan or getting to know their soon to be in-law. This is usually celebrated on or after a day when the engagement news has been announced publicly. Some rich families even hold lavish formal parties complete with some champagne fireworks for the guests to enjoy.

Shower parties might sound to be more connected with the bride but nowadays, the presence of the groom is generally accepted. The concept of the shower is to do something helpful for the bride or couple. This is usually thrown by close friends and relatives who would want to express their support and appreciation for the couple. This is an almost intimate gathering with family especially as they bid good luck and depart their wishes to the bride and groom.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties might seem modern in context and are getting popular. These are parties hosted separately by the respective friends of the bride and the groom on two separate occasions. Younger generations become more creative and liberated in celebrating these parties and some even resorting to fire lantern nights to add fun to the party. These are all done in fun spirit with some prelude honeymoon ideas expressed in gifts by the guests and other presents symbolizing a goodbye to being single.

Wedding rehearsals are actually not parties but a practice for the actual wedding event during the ceremony and reception. The wedding organizer usually hold this activity to brief the guests and the couple in the series of events during the big day.

Actual wedding ceremony and reception follows where the event finally takes place. A few hours is spent in the marriage ceremony and then the reception follows usually. This is the time when friends and relative finally welcomes the bride and groom as a couple and give them their best wishes. Wedding sparklers are even visible especially for evening receptions.

Gift opening party often happens after the honeymoon of the newly weds. At this time, fewer people and guests are invited to witness the finding out of the gifts of the wedding guests and the family. This is often an intimate get together for both the couple’s families.

These are all the events that happen to center around a wedding. As you can see, there is so much more about the wedding than any event in your life.

Wedding Party Favors Made Easy

Aside from making sure that all the details of your upcoming wedding are in place, you have to take time in choosing the right wedding party favors for your bridal party. Of course, you want something special for them and not just any other token that you see off the shelf. If you don’t have the time to actually go out to check on what is available in stores, go online for a large selection of wedding party favors right there at your fingertips.

The Internet is a valuable resource for planning and executing this very special occasion. Most of the supplies that you will need for your wedding can be found online and often in the same online store which saves you on shipping costs. There is no substitute for this kind of convenience especially for a busy bride-to-be. You will save time and gas money when your wedding party favors are delivered right to your front door. Make sure to put together a list of the people that you will be giving wedding favors to so that no one will be left out.

First up for your Mom and soon to be Mom in law, consider a Glass Love Oil Bottle that can be used as an olive oil dispenser in the kitchen. It is the perfect token for them because Moms usually love spending time in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals. The bottles make lovely wedding party favors which can be used at home for cooking or even just for decoration.

Next in line in the search for the perfect wedding party favors are Dad and future Father in law. The Bride and Groom Wine Set is sure to delight them if the Dads have love affair with wine. Often times the men in the family will bond over a good bottle of wine. They will happily reminisce about the joining of their two families every time the Bride and Groom Wine Set is pulled out for use.

Gifts for the maid of honor and best man are a little trickier since they play an intricate part in the wedding ceremony itself. Personalized Coffee Kits are a very personal way to say thank you and they come with a chrome finish scoop that can be used over and over. These wedding favors will surely remind them of the many nights you have spent together planning the wedding and all the details that go along with it.

In line with the wedding party favors, the perfect token for the bridesmaids and groomsmen are the “A Slice of Love” Pizza Cutters. These favors will surely be appreciated by the bridal party because of the practical use and everyone loves pizza! These favors will prove their usefulness long into the future.

Don’t forget about the lovely little flower girls while shopping for wedding favors. Give them an “Ultra Cute” Flower Pen. This is a useful favor that any flower girl will appreciate. A flower pen for each flower girl. What a perfect gift! The flower girls can proudly show off their pens at school to friends and have a fun story to go along with it.

Shopping for all the people who help your special day come together perfectly is not hard. You can do all of your shopping for affordable wedding party favors without ever leaving the comforts of your home. Now you can spend more time making sure that the other details of your wedding are absolutely beautiful.

Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Party at a Restaurant

A wedding party at a restaurant has many advantages over hiring a hall, caterers, arranging décor, entertainment and so forth. Firstly, the restaurant provides a ready-made venue that already has décor – yes, you can add flowers on the tables and other bits and pieces, but the main work is already done. They have a fully equipped kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about catering. A restaurant is also more private and intimate, and if chosen carefully, can give you a fabulous wedding party that you will always remember.

When you start looking at restaurants for your wedding party, there are a few tips that will help you select the perfect location.

1. Capacity
Your first consideration will be how many guests the restaurant can cater for. You don’t want everyone squashed into their seats like sardines, and you may want space for a dance floor as well. A restaurant does provide a more intimate setting for your wedding party, and can be hugely successful because everyone is in close proximity and interacting with each other.

2. Venue
Your choice of restaurant will depend on your personal taste and the type of wedding you are having. A more formal affair will work better in a restaurant with formal décor and all the trimmings in terms of table settings and so on. A themed restaurant could be the inspiration for a theme for your wedding, and provide instant décor that will transform your wedding party without adding too much onto your budget.

3. Food
Remember that you are catering for a variety of tastes – it may be your wedding, but you are not the only one eating! If you have a theme for your wedding party, the restaurant may be able to cater according to the theme. A nautical theme, for example, would suggest a seafood menu. The restaurant will be able to help in this area, and should have various options to suit your budget.

4. Entertainment
If there is space for a dance floor, you may want to bring someone in to play music, whether live or played by a DJ. You will need to check that there is sufficient space, and whether the restaurant has resident DJs or musicians that may be more affordable.

5. Budget
Last but not least, you will have to consider your budget. Unfortunately these days, decisions often come down to whether you can afford it or not. Having your wedding party at a restaurant usually represents savings on décor, venue and catering. You don’t have to hire crockery and cutlery, or tables and chairs, which you might have had to if you were hiring a hall. Remember to include a good tip for the waitrons in your budget.

You can have a fabulous wedding party at a restaurant, but just as with any big event, you must plan well. If you are booking an entire restaurant, you will have to book well in advance. Remember to discuss beverage arrangements. You may want a bottle of wine on the table with a cash bar, or only wine and malt for your account, but the restaurant needs advance notice in order to have the appropriate stock on hand.

A wedding party at a restaurant can be a superb finale to a special day. When you make your choice of restaurant, look for the unusual, interesting and adventurous. It will make your party more memorable, and add to the atmosphere.

Key Secrets to Great Wedding Party Speeches at the Wedding Reception

Successful Wedding Party Speeches through out the world will have certain things in common. Whether the wedding takes place in the UK, South Africa or the USA there are universal traits that help make great wedding reception speeches. When planning the wedding reception speeches consider the following:

Give Attention to Wedding Speech Details

What makes wedding speeches interesting and keeps the audience engaged? It is in the details.

Each of the Bridal Party speakers will need to do some research on the different types of wedding speeches. For example the Best Man’s speech will differ from the Maid of Honor’s speech.

Secondly, speakers should be extra careful when proposing a Toast or referring to someone in their speech from the wedding audience.

People are sensitive to having their names pronounced correctly and remembered. It is wise for a wedding party speaker to double check any names of people they will be referring to in their wedding speech ahead of time.

Think about the Wedding Audiences’ Point of View

The wedding audience is made up of two sets of relatives and friends. Many of the wedding guests will not know all of members of the Bridal party.

It is ideal to have a Wedding MC (Master of Ceremonies) for the wedding reception speeches. The job of the MC is to introduce each of the speakers at the wedding reception and make announcements.

However, if there is no MC, each speaker must introduce themselves and mention how they know the Bride and Groom before they start to give their speech.

The audience is more interested in hearing the wedding speech when they understand who the speaker is and how they are related to the bridal couple.

Have the Wedding Speech Conclusion Ready Ahead of Time

It is a very common problem that inexperienced speakers will frequently speak too long and without a specific point. For some reason, many speakers feel awkward about concluding their speech and continue on and on.

Compare this to a speaker that holds his head up and says the concluding line of the speech clearly and with some expression in his voice.

The speaker’s expressive conclusion clearly lets the audience know the speech has come to an end. The vocal expression also makes the speech more interesting for the audience.

Adapt the Wedding Reception Speeches to Suit the Bridal Couple

Each Bride and Groom should make the Wedding Party Speeches suit their personal tastes and suit their type of wedding.

Historically, it has been traditional for the Father of the Bride, Best Man and Groom to speak at the wedding. However, modern weddings now frequently feature speeches from the Bride, Mother of the Bride and Maid of Honor. This gives voice to the feminine side of the Bridal Party and makes the wedding speeches more interesting.

Wedding Party Invitations

Anyone who is planning a wedding knows that the preparations can be exhaustive. Every aspect of the wedding must be planned out. An important aspect of the preparations are the wedding party invitations. Whether you are planning on having a large wedding or a smaller wedding your future guests must be informed that they are invited and of these guest you need to find out how many of them will be attending your wedding and how many will not be attending your wedding.

Imagine your future guests going through their normal routine of receiving their usual mail and be pleasantly surprised to receive a wedding invitation from you. Nobody wants to have a plain and dull wedding invitation. Finding the right wedding party invitations can take some time so it is wise to begin the process well in advance.

While sending wedding invitations won’t be the most complicated aspect of the wedding preparations there are still things that should be kept in mind to not let it become more stressful than it needs to be. Don’t order invitations until your guest list is final. Make sure to order them ahead of time giving adequate time for you to receive the wedding party invitations, to mail them out, and to receive a response. For a local wedding you should mail out invitations about six to eight weeks before hand, and ten to twelve weeks if you’re having the wedding away or over a holiday. It is also wise to order more than you expect just in case. A great site to check out is They have invitations for the wedding and all the other parties that come along with it such as the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement party, bachelorette party so you can get all your different types of invitations from one place.

Reception Seating Options for the Wedding Party

One of the big decisions a couple has to make for their wedding reception is the seating arrangements for dinner for the wedding party. You have to decide on the table configuration that will best suit your group, whether it is a traditional head table, a sweetheart table, or scattering the bridal party among the other guests. This is a look at all of the various reception seating options for the wedding party to help you sort it all out.

In previous generations, the reception seating for the bridal party was generally the traditional head table. Either a long rectangular table or a long U-shaped table are the standard formats for head tables. The bride and groom sit in the center and the wedding party flanks them on both sides. The chairs at the head table are all on the same side so that the bridal party faces out to the reception, allowing everyone to admire the bride in her fabulous gown and wedding jewelry, as well as to have a good view of the newlyweds during the toasts.

Problems can arise with the traditional head table when the bridesmaids and groomsmen have brought dates or spouses to the wedding. Traditionally, only the wedding party sat at the main table, leaving their significant others seated at different tables. These days, there is a trend away from breaking up couples that way, which leaves the option of trying to find space at the head table for all of the spouses and dates. That can just end up being way too many people to fit at one table. The traditional head table arrangement works best for contemporary weddings when the bridal party is small enough to fit their dates at the table, or when most of the bridesmaids and groomsmen are not married or seriously involved with someone.

The sweetheart table arose out of the problems with the head table. The idea is that the bride and groom will share a romantic first dinner alone at a little table just bid enough for two. While it sounds good on paper, the sweetheart table can present some problems of its own. For one thing, if the bride or groom should need to get up from the table for any reason, it leaves the other person sitting there all alone with no one to speak to. It takes a confident person to dine alone in a formal restaurant; now imagine sitting all alone in your gown and wedding jewelry as the center of attention. A lot of people would feel pretty uncomfortable in that position.

In addition,the sweetheart table really sets the newlyweds apart from their guests who have come to celebrate with them. The isolation of the sweetheart table definitely sends out a signal that the bride and groom do not wish to be disturbed, which in my opinion is awkward, since they are the main attraction at the reception. One solution might be to position the sweetheart table in the midst of other regular sized tables filled with immediate family and the wedding party. It would make the newlyweds more approachable and would also solve the problem of one person feeling abandoned if their spouse steps away from the table.

An approach to seating which has gained popularity in recent years is for the newlyweds to sit at a regular size table with both sets of parents, the maid of honor, the best man, and their spouses and dates. The rest of the wedding party can then be seated at nearby tables with their significant others. In many ways, this is an excellent solution. It ensures that the entire wedding party can sit with their mates, the bride and groom are not isolated, and it also takes the spotlight off of the newlyweds while they eat. One concern with this seating arrangement would be if the bride or groom has complicated family situations with stepparents who cannot be placed at the same table, or if the two sets of parents do not get along well. There are also those couples who feel like sitting with their parents will cramp their style as the party gets underway, but for many weddings, this arrangement can be the perfect solution to the seating the bridal party.

Selecting Great Wedding Party Gifts

To thank the people who have stood by you throughout the planning as well as stood next to you during your wedding, you will want to choose the best wedding party gifts. Coming up with wonderful bridesmaid gifts as well as groomsman and best man gifts is always a challenge, but fortunately there are some great choices that are guaranteed to be a hit.

Consider the personalities.
The first step to choosing great gifts is to give some thought to the personalities of the people who will be in your wedding party. Are they adventurous people who enjoy surprises? Are they traditional, and prefer things to be classic and tried-and-true? Your party gifts should reflect the people who are a part of your wedding. It shows you really put thought into it and wanted your wedding party gifts to be truly enjoyed.

Traditional choices.
If you think classic gifts will go over well with your wedding party, there are some great choices. For beautiful bridesmaid gifts, consider jewellery. A lovely pendant necklace or a bracelet is always a perfect choice. Traditional gifts for men include cuff links to be worn at the wedding or fine cigars. Personalised photo frames are also classic wedding party gifts. Maid of honour and best man gifts are generally a little fancier than those for the rest of the wedding party, indicating their honoured role. Try to stick to something similar to those for the rest of the wedding party, and don’t make the gift too extravagant, or the rest of the party might feel slighted.

Something more unique.
For a wedding party that is filled with less traditional people, unique and interesting gifts are a good choice. When looking for something a little more unusual, remember that it should be something special that will be kept for a long time. Even if you are looking for something a little more off the wall, it is still a wedding and the presents should still be a keepsake of some kind. Bridesmaid gifts for women who are somewhat less than traditional could include interesting art pieces from local artisans, or one of a kind handmade clothing items like scarves. Visit a local arts and crafts fair for inspiration!

When choosing gifts for men, consider something that might appeal to the sense of humour of your groomsmen. Boxer shorts with amusing logos tend to amuse men, as do shot glasses or beer steins with funny phrases. If you prefer something that is unique yet still classy, especially when shopping for best man gifts, look to things that fit your groomsmen’s interests. Sports items like personalised golf balls, or team memorabilia are likely to be a hit with the men in your wedding party.

Don’t hesitate to buy each member of the wedding party something different and unique to their personality and taste. The wedding party gifts don’t have to be all the same – in fact individual gifts will be more special and show even more gratitude.

Planning Your Wedding Party – A Party You’ve Been Dreaming of For Years!

The wedding ceremony and wedding party are two events that you may have been dreaming about and mentally planning since you were a little girl conducting pretend weddings with your Ken and Barbie dolls.

Planning a wedding party is one of the more complex party planning events you can tackle as a host. Many brides choose to hire wedding planners, recruit close friends to help, or choose a full service hotel with staff to make sure their day is the perfect one they imagine it to be. If you find yourself tasked with planning a wedding, either your own or for someone else, reading this article will give you some good ideas.

If your wedding is small or one that is relatively simple and modest in scope, you can be very successful in planning your own wedding with the help of a few family and friends. That’s how I planned my own small wedding and a larger one for my niece.

No matter the size however, there are some basics and special touches that all weddings require. In this article I will touch on the major areas that need planning.

Here is an initial party planning checklist that will help you know the things you’ll need to decide in planning a wedding party. Many of these issues can be done on a budget or in a big way. So one of the first things you need to do is set a budget! You also need to start your planning several months in advance. If it’s a really big affair you might need as much as a year to do all the planning.

____Set the date

____Set a budget – decide who will be paying for what

____Brush up on wedding etiquette

____Choose a theme and colors.

____Begin to build a wedding web-site if you want one

____Choose and book a location

____Select the bridesmaids and groomsmen

____Decide who to invite – number of guests drives the cost of your wedding party

____Send out “save the date” notices, especially if guests will be traveling

____Decide what you and your groom with wear and begin shopping

____What will be something old, new, borrowed, blue – don’t forget the “penny for my shoe.”

____Decide what your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen with wear

____Decide on the food and kind of food service you want

____Begin planning wedding décor for the wedding ceremony and wedding party venue

____Register for gifts at merchants and department stores

____ Interview, select, and engage wedding vendors:

Minister or wedding officiate
Wedding cake baker
Photographer and or videographer
Printers for invitations and program
Engage a Wedding MC
Disc Jockey, soloist, band, orchestra, string quartet, or other entertainment

____Discuss the rehearsal dinner with the groom’s parents

____Decide who will do your hair and makeup for the wedding and make appointments for you and your attendants

____Discuss the honeymoon and wedding night with your groom

____Make reservations for the wedding night and honeymoon

____Gift for the bride from the groom

____Gift for the groom from the bride

____Gifts for all the wedding attendants

____Wedding favors for all the guests

____Travel for family members and wedding attendants

____Decide the seating plan if you are having a sit down meal

____Decide who will make toasts at the wedding and prepare the speakers

____Hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests

____Any needs for special needs guests

____Select and purchase wedding rings

____Get the marriage license

This list should give you a good start to a once in a lifetime celebration for you and your groom as you embark on a new journey through life together.

More is not always better and concentrating on creating lasting memories and a beautiful relationship are more important than a grand show. Whatever you plan for your wedding party, make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

Good luck!

E. Ann Hill is a successful party planning expert and hospitality professional with many years of personal and professional party and event planning experience.

Ann has recently completed a new book on party planning. It will soon be available on her web-site and is titled, “Seven Party Planning Secrets That Will WOW Your Guests – and Are Easy on You and Your Wallet.” Check back soon at [] to get your own copy.

Also – The eBook, “You Can be a Wedding M.C.” is LOADED with fantastic wedding planning information. Go to [] to get great ideas!